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People have come to see what the Queen is all about.
Queen's    World

What's up to all my people that step into my world. I am glad that you are here. I'm still trying to redo this page a lil so some stuff may be missing. I realized there is a lot of stuff on here and it takes forever for this page to down load so i'm gonna break it down a lil so everything is not on this one page. sorry about any problems ya have. let me know what ya run across and i'll get it fixed A.S.A.P. Also let me know if ya want the links on this page or if ya want me to keep them on another page. I want all yall to love this page and come here alot. If you don't already know me check out at The Info Room.I'll try to post some new pics real soon for those of you that have been asking.
For those that have been here before i changed it up just a little. IF ya wanna find some of the hottest spots on the web go to LINKS, to add sites to the list email me at I have added the poetry page so check out Song's of the heartI plan to add a few more things to this site soon. i want to add a joke page so send me what you got if ya wanna see it up. So far this page has been doing really well, so spread the word and lets keep it that way. By the time i'm done i plan to have somethining for everyone. like i said let me know of anything you wanna see on here.

I have to give props to: David (my king),Jeremy, Alvin, Tiger, and BigWillie, My big sis Andrea, No-limit-dc, That smooth brotha Silkk, Da_Lova with the words of magic, focus, DragonGod-dc, Royce, phillygirl (thanx for catching that), Raheem, KoKo, Mia X, Journee97, Indo, The ladies of Dogcatchers inc., Blk, Mr_Chameleon, Amanda, Goldie, MIB, Amarii-dc, Kosmik and all dem NASTY NUPES, TY , My Girl Quest,lolipop, all the other dc's, My homeboy Big Sewell #56 Tulane GreenWave, LSUgyrl, Jamyla, Bre'jon, Kelli, Terrence, Brandon, Jasmin, Hope, Milton, Robert, Trelle, Kristen, and the rest of those mighty wildcats from ESJ's class of 98!!!, Paris Kelly, Dee love (The man with skillz), shadow, Xanvel, Florida, J-Nice, connie, kim, My roomie Meka, Lil Nasty NeeNee, E-N-F, Str8pimpin, Lamar, leo, ~SMOKE~, Jason, Big Rick-dc, P.A.Pat, Dareequs, Melanieann, Rosmary, Angel, Too Sexxi, rob, james, ed, smokedat weed-dc, odogg, rooh, ms. tasha, pookie, lyrical, shawn, msjit, hassion, t-doog, queenK, brian, cell dwella, lawrence, ~TRU~, SOS, lionel, cori'e, felisha, tikki, Aiyanessa, jenneta, CattDaddy, Lil Ya, Spyda Ball_Z, Neha, UNLV, Take fo' family, Dem Hotboyz and FireGirlz, The Sigmas, Teeville and The Alphas, my people in PG chat, my Yahoo people, those HBU's if ya go to one ya know what it is, mad love to the SWAK, All my peeps off that water (if ya live there ya know who ya are) LSU, SU, XU, TU, JSU, FSU, and yall that i did not name, i still have love for you. Let me know and i'll add you as soon as possible.If ya signed the guest book and ya name is not here be sure to let me know so i can get cha up here.
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