Song's of the Heart
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Poet's Corner

Silent Cry
Thinking of something new.
that made my heart so blue.
thinking of why
I have this silent cry.

Cry so my soul can be free
crying that lonesome plea
to feel what I felt before
A silent cry and nothing more.

Crys of sorrow, grief and pain
my heart have no more love to gain
Crys of cheerful sounds of joy
loving you is a feeling I would love to explore

The stars are brightly shinning
across the moon light shy
wishing you the best
and nothing less
on this lonesome, lonsome cry
to whom I had to lie thats why I cry this silent cry.



As I sit here and dream of you,
I think of all the things we used to do.
The way you held me,
your tender kiss.
They way you touched me,
the things I miss.
I wish that you were here,
so I could tell you how i feel.
How i long to see your face again.
I miss your smile,
and bright eyes.
I remember how much i needed you then,
nothing compared to how i need you now.
As i sit here dreaming of you,
I think of how you loved me,
and how i loved you.
Maybe one day,
each others arms we'll find once more.
But until then,
I'll sit here and dream of you

I have been Lifted

I have been lifted,
lifted on wings of love.
I can soar over any mountain,
there is nothing that can stand in my way.
I have the power to move mountains,
and make the seas stand still
All my sins have been washed away,
into the sea of forgivness.
I am so far away from troubles,
that nothing can touch me.
I have been saved.
I have been lifted,
lifted in his name.
I praise him,
I praise him without shame.
He has lifted me and he can lift you to.
All you have to do is belive in his love,
belive in his power,
and you to can soar on the wings of his love

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